Welcome, incase you didn’t already know we are a full of energy graphic design studio! We believe in unique, effective and functional design for business and events! Take a look around!

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Branding, branding, branding – our speciality! Branding is thee single most important element for your company. You may have the most spectacular product – but without branding, no-one will know about it. Queue Design Bar – we are here to make it a breeze!


Printmaking, oh, printmaking we love you! The process of printmaking involves the design of original artwork brought to life through various printing methods such as digital, litho or lazer cutting. We printmake custom works of art to advertise and market your business. From poster campaign kits to product stands – if you can dream it, we can make it happen. Printmaking makes use of materials, such as paper, vinyl, glass, perspex, steel or wood.


Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and we’d love to be apart of it. Wedding stationary is a true passion here at Design Bar, from your invitations all the way to cake toppers, we do it all. We are obsessed with creating bespoke pieces of art to reflect your love story.


We are head-over-heals with personalising your stationary and products. From a diary customised with your name on it to embroidered t-shirts and even monogrammed bed linen, we are obsessed with it all. Personal customisation are for those who want to create a first impression of luxury and class or even for that special friend. These often involve using a monogram or even a unique icon made just for you – the possibilities are endless.



The art of psychology in design! Environmental design concerns the visual aspect of identifying and communicating a message by creating an experience that connects people to places usually in a pre-established environment. This method can range from signage to car wraps and shop window displays. We love intelligence having fun!


Digital design is the way of the future! Digital design is the art of creating visuals using technology as a medium. How beautiful the art of digital design is – the ability to reach your target market with the click of a button and all the captivating effects you can imagine! From social media advertising, web design, news letters or even motion pictures! We dream it up and make it happen!

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